Quick Answer: How To Pay First Direct Credit Card?

How do I pay my credit card directly?

Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment Online

  1. Through internet banking.
  2. NEFT/RTGS online funds transfer.
  3. IMPS Method.
  4. Through BillDesk.
  5. Auto debit facility.
  6. Mobile wallets and payment systems.

How do I pay my first direct account?

Android phone Open the Google Pay app on your phone and tap the ‘+’ sign. When you’re prompted to add a credit or debit card, line up your first direct card within the frame on the screen to capture your card details or enter your card information manually.

How do I add a payment to my credit card?

Open the Google Pay application on your Android or iOS device. Tap on your Profile Picture and then go to Bank Accounts and Cards. There you will see an option to ‘Add Card’. Enter the card number, expiry date, CVV, and cardholder’s name and billing address.

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Is First Direct credit card Visa or Mastercard?

As part of our plans to bring you an even better banking experience, we’re switching from Visa to Debit Mastercard.

Can I pay with credit card?

The short answer is no, at least not in that way. Credit card issuers typically don’t accept credit cards as a regular payment method. Rather, they generally request that you make your payment using your checking or savings account, or with cash or check at a local branch, ATM, over the phone or by mail.

How can I pay my credit card bill from another bank?

Pay Your Credit Card Bill From Another Bank

  1. Step 1 – Go to Credit Card Issuer’s Bill Desk. Almost every major bank has an online portal to make a credit card bill payment from another bank’s savings account.
  2. Step 2 – Fill all Required Details.
  3. Step 3 – Your Credit Card is Almost Paid!

What is faster payment limit?

It is now possible to send an individual payment of up to £250,000 using the Faster Payments Service. Further limits apply, depending on who you bank with and the type of account you have.

Can First Direct customers use HSBC?

There are lots of ways you can do your banking with us – online, on your mobile or over the phone – or all of them at once. Whatever’s easiest. And, you can even pay in a cheque in our App (value limits apply) or pay in and withdraw cash at a HSBC branch or the Post Office®.

Is there a problem with First Direct online banking?

Our Online & Mobile Banking services are currently unavailable. We’re aware some customers are having problems contacting us on the phone. We’re really sorry and are working hard to fix this. If you can, please make use of our Online and Mobile Banking services.

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How do I receive a Visa payment?


  1. From the Visa home page, select the link to “Run Your Business.”
  2. Then select the link to “Accept Visa Payments.”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of that screen, beneath “Ready to Get Started,” and you will find the list of approved acquirers and the states where they operate.

Can credit card be linked to GPAY?

You can use a credit or debit card added in Google Pay for the following types of transactions: Tap & Pay at NFC enabled payment terminals. Bharat QR code based Payments at online & offline merchants. Bill payments and Recharges on Google Pay.

How can I put money on my credit card without a bank account?

Things to be Noted:

  1. Register with Paytm.
  2. Transfer fund from credit card to wallet.
  3. Open the Paytm App and go to ‘Passbook’
  4. Select the option: ‘Send money to Bank’
  5. Select ‘Transfer’ option.
  6. Enter information regarding the amount, account number, and IFSC.
  7. Click on ‘Send’ button and money will be transferred to your account.

Is Visa accepted more than Mastercard?

Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit card networks. Visa credit cards can be used at 44 million merchant locations in more than 200 countries and territories. Mastercard is accepted in more countries than Visa, yet roughly 7 million more merchants worldwide take Visa.

What’s better Mastercard or Visa?

For most people, it doesn’t really matter whether they get a VISA or a MasterCard. Both are equally secure and offer similar benefits. While VISA has a slightly higher market share and greater amount of transactions worldwide, both VISA and MasterCard are equally well-accepted by merchants.

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Why are first direct moving to Mastercard?

14. The move comes as Mastercard seeks to grow its share of the British payments sector, with contactless transactions becoming more and more popular amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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