FAQ: How Do I Cancel My Debenhams Credit Card?

Are Debenhams credit cards still valid?

Can I use my Debenhams Credit Card? If you have a Debenhams Credit Card you can still use it wherever you see the Mastercard logo. Points, however, can no longer be earned on new purchases.

Is Debenhams credit card closing?

Debenhams credit cards should still work In December 2020, Debenhams told us its one credit card would continue to work for now and that users could continue to manage their account, view transactions and make payments through the Debenhams card app, its online account manager, and through the automated phone service.

Is a Debenhams card a credit card?

Debenhams’ credit card is provided by NewDay Ltd, a specialist UK-based provider of storecard and loyalty card schemes, and is issued on the Mastercard network, meaning it can be used at more than 35 million merchants and ATMs worldwide and you can also enjoy Mastercard’s special Priceless Cities benefits.

Can I activate my Debenhams card online?

You can activate your card in your Debenhams card app or through the Online Account Manager, please visit activate.

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Are Debenhams taking returns?

If no offers are received, Debenhams’ UK business will close for good, with this likely to take place by March 2021. As far as shoppers are concerned, Debenhams says right now it’s still business as usual, with gift cards and online orders still being honoured, and returns still accepted.

Why did Debenhams go bust?

In a desperate bid to restructure its finances, Debenhams was put into administration in 2019, wiping out its shareholders. It then secured a so-called company voluntary arrangement (CVA) with its landlords, enabling it to cut its rent bill and embark on plans to close 50 of its 166 stores.

What has happened to Debenhams?

In January 2021, the Debenhams brand and website was acquired by online rival Boohoo for £55m. The retailer’s remaining stores were shuttered in May 2021, bringing the curtain down on almost 250 years as one of the most well-known names on the Great British high street.

Are any Debenhams stores still open?

Debenhams has announced it will shut its remaining stores by 15 May, closing the door on more than 200 years of trade on UK high streets. The Debenhams brand will continue online after being bought by retailer Boohoo for £55m in January.

Is Debenhams still operating online?

The Debenhams brand will continue to trade online after it was bought by the fashion retailer Boohoo for £55m in January. At its height, there were more than 150 Debenhams stores across the UK, but the chain went into administration in 2019 after several years of falling sales.

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What are the benefits of a Debenhams credit card?

Getting Discounts and Earning Points The most basic of which is the welcome offer, which gives you 500 bonus points. The card also gives you 3 points for every £1 you spend in-store or online at Debenhams. Not only that, when you spend in other places, you’re still entitled to 1 point for every £2 you spend.

What credit cards do NewDay own?

NewDay’s Own Brand Credit Cards

  • Aqua credit card.
  • Marbles credit card.
  • Opus credit card.
  • Fluid credit card.

Can you withdraw money from a Debenhams card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash. A cash fee will be charged for all cash transactions made in the UK or abroad.

Why is my Debenhams card being declined?

If your credit or debit card was declined, check to see if your card is expired, out of date or your card billing address is different to the billing address on your Debenhams account. If the above doesn’t help, your Credit Card Company or bank will have more information.

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